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How to choose the top spray

How to choose the top spray

Now the flower sprinklers are updating very fast, with more and more styles and functions getting better and better. When consumers buy flower sprinklers, they really don't know what kind of sprinklers they want and which ones are good. Today, I'm going to introduce how to choose the top sprinklers. Let's have a look.
How to repair the hose if it is broken?

How to repair the hose if it is broken?

Drag tired body, back home, into the bathroom, open the shower, hot water gushed from the shower through the hose, sprinkled on the body, washed away the fatigue. With the existence of the shower, let the shower become a more comfortable enjoyment. As a part of the sprinkler, the hose is often pulled and easily damaged. There's something wrong with the shower hose. You can't enjoy the comfortable shower, so you should solve the problem in time.
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