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How to choose the top spray
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Now the flower sprinklers are being updated very quickly, with more and more styles and functions getting better and better. When consumers buy flower sprinklers, they really don't know what kind of sprinklers they want and which ones are good. Today, I'm going to introduce how to choose the top sprinklers. Let's have a look.

Due to the special use range of sanitary ware products, even pollute the drinking and shower water quality, developed countries have strict standards for health and safety certification of sanitary products, such as China's standard GB / t23447-2009, North America's CSA and OSHA certification, etc.

The water pressure and water quantity of the shower have a great influence on the comfort of the shower. According to the national code for design of building water supply and drainage (GBJ15-88), the water pressure standard before sprinkling is 00.25kg/cm2 ~ 0.4kg/cm2, and the standard flow rate is 9L / min. We should try our best to choose the sprinkler with high water pressure.

Shower hot water in the shower will produce scale, so the shower with poor quality will be blocked or blocked after using for a period of time, and need to be cleaned. There are a lot of people on the Internet to ask about the problem of flower spray clogging. If you use detergents or even vinegar bubbles on a regular basis, you can imagine the life of the flower sprinklers. So the best choice is not scaling, maintenance free sprinklers.

According to the national standard GBJ15-88, the flow rate of flower sprinklers is 9 L / min, while the flow rate of some sprinklers on the market is as high as 20 liters. When you turn on the faucet, what you lose is water and RMB. The price of energy is still rising, and the monthly cost of water, electricity and coal is more than 100 yuan. Buy water-saving sprinklers, a year can save hundreds of yuan. What's more, the low-carbon group is popular now, and the whole country advocates energy conservation and emission reduction.

Good sprinklers have been used for many years, but their appearance is still the same as new ones. Poor ones lose luster quickly, which is related to the material and surface treatment process of the sprinklers. For example, the international standard of chromium plating on the surface is 8 μ m, and some small manufacturers only have 2 μ m, and the purity of the material is not up to, or even mixed with other heavy metals and other materials. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the shower has passed the standard certification.

As long as we have mastered the purchasing skills of top spray, we will not be so difficult when choosing the top spray. As long as we choose according to the above introduction, we can choose a good and suitable one. I hope that the content introduced above can help you.

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