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How to repair the hose if it is broken?
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Drag tired body, back home, into the bathroom, open the shower, hot water gushed from the shower through the hose, sprinkled on the body, washed away the fatigue. With the existence of the shower, let the shower become a more comfortable enjoyment. As a part of the sprinkler, the hose is often pulled and easily damaged. There's something wrong with the shower hose. You can't enjoy the comfortable shower, so you should solve the problem in time.

The reasons for water leakage of sprinkler hose are as follows:

1. Possible causes: improper installation, rubber ring deformation, uneven or thin water outlet pipe joint, mismatching of hose and shower.

Maintenance method: select appropriate hose and shower according to specifications, replace rubber ring and re install.

2. Possible cause: broken hose.

Repair method: replace a new hose.

3. Possible causes: improper adjustment, foreign bodies and scale.

Maintenance method: rotate and adjust the sprinkler head. If it doesn't work, open a small round cap in the middle of the shower head with a small flat blade screwdriver, screw the screw off with a plum blossom screwdriver, open the shower, rinse with water, brush the spray hole with a toothbrush, and then install and restore it.

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Choose the right shower hose:

Shower hose, all kinds of metal hose, braided pipe, PVC reinforced pipe. Different materials have different writing, and there is no absolute answer to which is better. When buying or not in the hardware store, several materials can be compared. The key surface flatness, uniform gap, smooth hand feel, natural expansion, strong structure and strong anti-destructive. In addition, the specification and size of shower hose should be consistent with the shower hose, and the general size is 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. You can take the old hose and buy a new one for comparison.

How to replace the shower hose:

First of all, replace the old hose, and screw the flower hose from the shower and both ends of the faucet by hand. Then replace with a new shower hose, one end in the shower, the other end in the faucet, there are threads on it. However, to use some strength, generally by the men to do the work, girls on the side to help refueling, wipe sweat.

Problems in using sprinkler hose:

A screw cap is used to connect the sprinkler hose and the water inlet pipe, and the hose is connected with the valve body and fixed. The problem is that the screw cap is easy to loosen, rust or even fall off with the passage of time.

The bigger problem is that in the process of bathing, this hose is pulled most frequently, and the amplitude is often very large, which will cause the metal hose to break at the joint of the screw cap. What's more, the other end of the hose is connected to the shower head in the same way. If the owner does not operate properly, such as using too much force, it is also easy to break.

We have never seen a metal hose break in the middle and both ends are in good condition. Is that right. Many users have not paid attention to this, and lack of maintenance knowledge.

How to maintain shower hose:

At this point, you should have understood how to maintain the shower hose. Here are some points for your reference:

First of all, we should keep the metal hose in a natural stretching state when taking a shower. After using it well, we should insert the shower nozzle on the shelf, and never coil the metal hose on the shower head.

Secondly, when pulling the hose, it is necessary to prevent the joint between the hose and the valve body from forming a dead knot. It is necessary to take a careful look at it carefully. When pulling the hose, the force should be light, so as to avoid the metal hose being broken or causing damage to the hose.

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