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Development status and opportunities of bathroom shower room industry
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As one of the five major bathroom products, shower room is a sanitary ware product that entered the market relatively late. In the 1990s, the first set of shower room was introduced from abroad. With the development of nearly 20 years, it has gradually entered thousands of families, improving the separation of dry and wet bathroom and improving the quality of shower. With the development of shower room industry, China's shower real estate area presents the pattern of "three mountains standing side by side" - namely Zhongshan and Foshan in Guangdong and Xiaoshan in Zhejiang Province. For a long time, these three places are good at their own fields in the shower room industry, playing their own regional characteristics, which are difficult to replace the uniqueness.

Although the shower room industry has experienced a high degree of development from 2014 to 2016, the market share of shower room brand is still insufficient. A lot of sales are already in local glass and hardware stores. As a brand manufacturer of shower room, there is still a long way to go. In recent years, hardbound housing is becoming more and more popular. Some shower room enterprises that can participate in the hardbound housing project are facing a very rare development opportunity. Some large-scale brand manufacturers will emerge in the industry.

Compared with other bathroom products, the biggest difference between shower room and other bathroom products is that it can not be standardized on the assembly line. The non-standard customized production of shower room has caused inconvenient circulation of products and high price. With the popularization of hardbound rooms, the cost control of shower room brand manufacturers will be further strengthened.

However, on the other hand, the problem is also very prominent. The system of shower room industry is not very sound, the industry concentration is low, there are few influential enterprises in the whole industry, and the majority of small and medium-sized shower room enterprises. These small and medium-sized enterprises have obvious disadvantages such as small scale, obsolete equipment, single product, low technology content and lack of market competitiveness. China's shower room industry will still face severe challenges.

Analysis of shower industry belt

As for the brand of shower room, it comes from Zhongshan and Foshan in East China. It is not difficult to see from the chart that the shower room industrial belt is concentrated in East China and South China, accounting for 32% and 35% respectively, which account for the vast majority of the shower room market. Due to the formation of the industrial belt, the shower room industry can achieve a unified technical threshold, effectively avoid disorderly competition, eliminate backward production capacity step by step, and ensure the rapid expansion of the total industrial cluster. However, due to the imbalance of regional economic development in China and the emergence of the shower room industry concentration areas mentioned above, the shower room market scale and development speed are different in different regions, resulting in the regional blank or saturation of shower room.

Development trend of shower room in recent years

It can be found in the picture that 2014-2016 is the prime time of the industry, and most shower room brands have grown up at this stage.

Through the media index can be found that shower room is a low attention industry, brand promotion should be more opportunities.

Regional distribution of shower room demand

The top five areas of shower room distribution: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, etc

Age distribution of shower room users

The main demand age is still 30-39 years old, followed by 20-3-29 years old.

Serious homogenization of shower room products

At present, the homogenization of products on the market is very serious, because the online shower room is more prominent. One of the main reasons for homogenization is that parts suppliers produce in batches and supply parts uniformly, which leads to serious homogenization of products. Physical stores also have a similar situation, affected by the epidemic, terminal sales decline, major manufacturers began to adjust the price strategy, seize the market. Then, the closed parts supplier reduces the cost, as a result, the parts supplier can only mass production.

The competition of shower room industry is fierce

1. A large number of comprehensive bathroom has joined the shower room industry, one is through the OEM of shower room, the other is through the self built shower room production workshop, and part of the shower room enterprise shares.

2. The whole house customized manufacturers join the shower room industry, and the customized manufacturers usually OEM the shower room.

3. Hardbound room makes shower room industry further large-scale. At present, enterprises entering hardbound room suppliers need not only brand but also capital. This makes more small and medium-sized shower room enterprises worse.

4. The real estate development slows down, affected by the epidemic situation, the middle class is short of money and other factors. All of these have brought great influence to the shower room industry.

Where is the shower room industry opportunity

I visited many responsible persons in the shower room industry and found that everyone was thinking about how to do it in the future? At present, it can be divided into two types. The first type is the head enterprise, which has basically completed the accumulation of original funds. It has taken the train of hardbound houses, and its overall sales volume has been in the rising stage. The enterprises mainly need to solve the problems of management and cost control.

The second type is medium-sized enterprises. This kind of enterprises have had a relatively painful time this year. Some are confused, some have changed careers, and there is no lack of adherents. In order to do a good job in products, we insist on winning by products, and exchange development opportunities through time.

In the process of this visit, we also found some new enterprises, which have a clear market positioning and are willing to spend time to do a good job in products. For example, Feiyang space shower room, they not only have a very strong product research and development ability, but also have a very professional brand promotion ability.

Finally, the survival of the fittest is inevitable

Any industry will go through a process of great waves scouring sand. It is impossible to avoid that some enterprises will be eliminated by the market, and some excellent enterprises will grow up.

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