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Why does the shower leak? What to do with water leakage?
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1、 Spray clogging

If the shower nozzle is used for a long time, the water output will become smaller. Because the water quality is not good, the water contains a lot of alkali, and the scale is deposited in the outlet hole, causing the shower to be blocked. At this time, the after-sales service of the brand will play a role. When you buy Shower sprinklers, you do not have to choose famous brands, but you must choose those brands that we all recognize.

2、 Problems of spray coating

It's very hard to see the paint off of the spray coating. If you just buy the shower for a short time, it will affect the appearance. And some of the poor quality of the shower will be due to paint off and cause blockage. So we have to carefully look at the purchase of the surface of the shower has this problem.

When choosing a shower, you must carefully observe whether the surface plating of the shower is smooth. If it feels rough to the touch, it must be a secondary processing shower, not to mention the quality.

3、 Material problems

Some sprinklers are made of plastic or cast iron. Plastic materials may be added a lot of waste, the service life will not be very long. Of course, some hand-held sprinklers use plexiglass, ABS and other materials, the quality is OK. However, it is not recommended that we choose cast iron material shower, which is extremely easy to rust. Many customers regret buying this kind of shower. Because it wasn't long before it began to rust. Even if it looks ugly, it also blocks the water outlet. The best thing is that the whole shower is broken. At present, the best material is pure copper shower. Most of the excellent materials in the market are made of pure copper.

How to deal with the leakage of shower head

1、 How to judge whether the shower head is leaking

1. Cover the water outlet of the shower head with your palm, and blow air at the water inlet with your mouth. If there is air leakage, the sprinkler head will leak.

2. In the case of sprinkler head with water, it is easy to see whether the sprinkler head is leaking.

3. The multi-functional sprinkler head is the most easy to leak in the case of dual function. Some sprinkler heads only leak in one pattern, but it is difficult to ensure that it will not leak under the dual function.

2、 How to solve the problem of sprinkler head leakage

1. Repair the leakage at the steering ball of shower head.

Solution: first of all, loosen the shower head from the steering ball ring, find out the O-ring or similar seal inside and replace it, and then turn the shower head back to its original position.

2. Leakage occurred at the joint of shower head handle.

Solution: according to the specifications, select the appropriate shower hose and faucet, and replace its rubber ring, re install. First, loosen the handle of the shower head from the hose with the binding band clamp. Clean the thread on the handle of the shower head, and apply special adhesive or adhesive tape around the handle. Then screw the shower head back and tighten, and remove the excess adhesive and adhesive tape.

3. The water leakage of the shower head may also be caused by the sand or sediment in the shower head, or the accumulated scurf and mineral deposits.

Solution: remove the shower head, soak the parts with vinegar if necessary, and scrub the parts, and pay attention to avoid scratching. If the sprinkler head is adjustable spray, carefully check all movable parts to see if there are excessive wear marks. If the rotating handle can not move smoothly or the internal cam is broken, it is necessary to replace the whole shower head.

4. Sprinkle the head of the water into a mixture of thick and fine.

Solution: rotate and adjust the shower head. If it doesn't work, open a small round cap in the middle of the shower head with a screwdriver. Open the shower head and rinse it with water. You can also brush the shower hole with a toothbrush, and then install and restore it.

How to deal with the water leakage of the shower has taught us to solve the problem of the water leakage of the shower. However, to completely eliminate the problem of shower leakage, we need to buy products with guaranteed quality, pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, and replace them in time when the service life is up. We should follow up every step in place.

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